Open Belly

Today the KC Pinoy episode of Open Belly Podcast launches. When I was first asked to be a guest I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to be interviewed for a podcast. I’ve always wanted my food to do all the talking for me. But after meeting with podcast host Danielle Lehman at Blip Roasters in October, I knew that I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to be part of such a great group of cooks sharing stories about their food and culture, her passion was contagious!

So in between scrubbing floors and painting walls as we prepared to open the restaurant, I sat down to chat with Danielle back in November. We talked about the food, but it became evident that food was going to be a small piece of the interview. An hour and a half later, we touched on everything from a little history, to a lot of family, and even some politics. I felt a little pride as I left her studio – knowing that I shared a piece of my culture to Kansas City.

Maybe I’ll do more of these interviews… Nah, I have some pig ears to grill. :)

You can listen to our episode HERE or subscribe to Open Belly where you listen to podcasts.