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40 years of food

Join us as we celebrate Chrissy’s birthday with good food, great drinks, and some stories. Everything will be served on banana leaves for a traditional family meal experience.

Course 1: Siopao (steamed pork buns) at Chicharong bulaklak (pork ntestine cracklings)

Course 2: Suam na mais (sweet corn soup topped with a fried prawn)

Course 3: Adobong pusit (whole squid cooked in vinegar, garlic, spices) at Inihaw na bangus (grilled milkfish stuffed with onions, tomatoes)

Course 4: Lechon belly (fried pork belly) at Lumpiang hubad (all the lumpia veggies - cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, green beans, without the wrapper)

Course 5: Sapin sapin (layered coconut and rice cake), Turon (sweet banana egg rolls with jackfruit), at Ice buko (coconut popsicles).
Dinner includes one free cocktail or beer, unlimited sodas and fruit juices. Additional cocktails and beers will be available for purchase.

On the table: Garlic fried rice and atsara (pickled papaya, red bell peppers, onions, carrots).