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Traditional FIlipino food found in the west bottoms

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Our Story 

The fondest memories I have revolve around food. From grilling whole chickens on our grandparents’ yard in Novaliches when I was 3 to fried chicken Sundays here in Kansas City. Christmas, graduations, birthdays, Tuesdays. When I think of food, I think of family. I think of home.

Our journey began in 2015 with an old E450 shuttle and my family’s recipes. Serving chicken adobo, pork tocino, and garlic fried rice to thousands of Kansas Citians out of our food truck. After 3 years on the road, it was clear there was an audience in KC for Filipino food. And a search to find a permanent home was our next step.

KC Pinoy moved into the historic West Bottoms in September 2018 and built a space serving traditional Kapampangan food. The type of food I grew up cooking, eating, and craving.

And I would like nothing more than for KC Pinoy be part of your next food memory.

Chrissy Nucum

Head Dishwasher, KC Pinoy

Our Team


Chrissy Nucum

Born and raised in the Philippines, she credits her grandmother, mother, and aunt for her love of food and cooking. Inspired by her grandmother's atsara recipe, she started the food truck KC Pinoy in 2015. When she isn’t busy with the food truck and restaurant, she plays dog mom to three boys – Murphy, Teddy, and Johnny.

Favorite Drink: Ketel One and cranberry

Fun Fact: I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with shoes (unlike the other Filipino known for her shoes, I actually paid for mine!). Although nowadays, I obsess over spatulas and can openers!

Nicole Bax

Originally from Jefferson City, MO, her travels have taken Nicole from the hills of Tennessee to the mountains of California. She loves learning about different cultures and traditions through food. During the summer, she moonlights selling jewelry at the Renaissance Festival and playing in the woods at Zip KC.

Favorite Drink: Depends on the season but you can never go wrong with bourbon and ginger.

Fun Fact: She plays the washboard and reads tarot cards.